About Me

Animals have always inspired and enriched my life, almost being the fuel for my journey as an artist. My current muse is the elephant and I have been working with rescued elephants at Wildlife SOS (India) to create a series of works. The graceful movements of these gentle giants continue to fascinate me. 


I discovered the artist in me at 8 years of age, when I saw my mother painting at an art class she had enrolled herself in. I was so impressed by the burst of colour and technique that I started imitating her and made greeting cards by the dozens (since all I got was paper to paint on).

Shortly after, I studied under teachers who guided me in the arts and developed a special liking towards watercolours during my time at the New Delhi Polytechnic. I especially remember the outdoor painting sessions at the ancient Delhi monuments. Over the years, I experimented with several mediums and my move to Singapore brought me to study further at NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts).


I like to paint whatever I can get my hands on; paper, canvas, cement walls, fabrics, wooden or even glass artifacts. Animals continue to be an essential ingredient in my journey, and I also volunteer at ACRES to rescue animals, bringing me closer to the core of my inspiration. 





  • Art For Elephants - in support of Wildlife SOS and the Indian elephant, hosted by Art Alive at Le Meridian, New Delhi, India; 28th to 30 November 2015
  • Dr Tan Tsze Chor Awards Exhibition 2015 by Singapore Art Society, ARTrium@MCI, Singapore; 15th to 19th November 2015
  • The Enlighted One: A group show hosted by The Gallery of Gnani Arts at Ion Orchard, Singapore; May 2015
  • A Group Show by Singapore Art Society, Singapore; January 2015
  • A Group Show hosted by Wildlife SOS at The Lalit Gallery, New Delhi, India; December 2014
  • 'Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards Exhibition 2014': A Group Show by Singapore Art Society at Mica Building, Singapore; October 2014
  • 'Ganpati to Gajah': A Solo Exhibition at Art Spice Gallery, New Delhi, India; August - September 2014
  • 'Ganpati to Gajah': A Solo Exhibition at Madder Moon Gallery, Singapore; January 2014
  • ‘Power Ganesha: Show 5’: A Group Exhibition by The Gallery of Gnani Arts, Singapore; September 2010
  • ‘Lines and Rhythm’: A Group Show by The Sculpture Society of Singapore, at Fort Canning Gallery, Singapore; September 2010
  • ‘NUspiration’: A Group Exhibition with ‘Group 90’ at  Bhaskers Art Gallery, Singapore; February 2008
  • ‘Women-sensual, artistic….’ collection: A Solo Exhibition, Singapore; May 2007 
  • ‘The Ganesha Show 3.. the Secular God in Art’: A Group Exhibition at The Gallery of Gnani Arts, Singapore; August - September 2006
  • ‘Zest in a Real Dream – Four Perceptions’: A Group Exhibition at The Gallery of Gnani Arts, Singapore; April 2005



  • Board member of Acres ( Animal Concerns, research and education society)
  • Illustrator of 18 children's books including the Sasha series by Sunbear Publishing 
  • Conceptualized and painted the Wildlife SOS 2014 Calender - 13 watercolour animal paintings
  • Conducted Art Workshops in Singapore and Japan for Schools
  • Member of ‘Group 90’ - A Singapore based artists' group focusing on figure drawing
  • Life member of ‘Singapore Art Society’
  • Invited by The Sculpture Society of Singapore to conduct outdoor workshops on ‘Painting Trees in watercolour’ at Fort Canning Park in September 2010
  • Judge for the Global Indian International School Quality Convention Art Competition in 2012 and 2013 
  • Judge for the SIFAS (Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society) annual Arts event and Art competition in March 2011.
  • Judge for a Zee T.V. Art Competition ‘Tare Zameen Par’ in 2008.