Overseas Family School




In February, 2012, Overseas Family School, Singapore had the pleasure of having prominent authors and illustrators visit the Grade 2 students as part of the students' inquiry into how authors and illustrators use their creativity and experiences to express themselves.  


Among them was the famous illustrator of the Sasha series of books, Alpana Ahuja. She kindly agreed to spend a day with us, visiting our Grade 2 classes, sharing her experiences as an illustrator and the techniques she uses to create some beautiful illustrations. 


My class of Grade 2 SPP 1, which comprises of students from all over the world, speaking different native languages, but are complete beginners to English, benefitted the most from Alpana's sessions. They were most impressed to see how Alpana was able to create simple but some amazing pieces of art using oil pastels. 


She communicated with them all in simple English in order to be able to strike a rapport with each one of them. She made the effort to talk about their favorite characters, animals and themes and led them into a step by step session of creating an illustration of their choice.  


The other classes she worked with also were mighty impressed by her skills and techniques and the simplicity yet liveliness of her illustrations. Most of the students at the age of 7-8 do love art and just as much they enjoyed meeting authors who shared their writing experiences and techniques, teachers ultimately felt that what really inspired the young minds was the art of illustrating a book more than writing one.  


We, the teachers of Overseas Family School, cannot thank Alpana enough for taking time out of her busy schedule and sharing her ideas and creativity with us. It provided us all with much insight and knowledge about the world of illustrators and their creative skills.




Kavita Thakral

Grade 2, Elementary School, 

Overseas Family School, Singapore.