Animal Concerns Research & Education Society


Alpana is passionate about animals, and is a wildlife rescue, and artist volunteer for ACRES (Animal Concerns, research and education society). At a road show by ACRES in 2005 she was shocked to hear about the plight of animals through the undercover research by ACRES on the Bear bile trade in Asia and the sad story behind animal photography (when tourists pose with tigers, baby gibbons etc to make their holidays unique). She has since devoted a large chunk of her time in creating artwork for ACRES' education programs,designing posters, painting large wall murals for their rescue centre, and painting special artifacts to raise funds at their annual auction. She regularly volunteers with the Wildlife Rescue team, helping save wild animals in Singapore. 


''If I can somehow bridge the distance between humans and animals, and bring children closer to nature and animals, I would consider my life successful''

Alpana Ahuja