Ganpati to Gajah in Singapore


A solo exhibition is a major milestone in an artist's professional journey and I am proud to present, "Ganpati to Gajah" on 18-19 January 2014.
This collection is a culmination of my fascination with Lord Ganesha and His numerous manifestations which I have painted lovingly over the years, as well as my current muse and inspiration; the majestic elephant.  

My artistic journey is inspired by the elephants at Wildlife SOS. Their fluid movement, gigantic but graceful body and soft gentle eyes amalgamate onto my canvas.

During the opening, Guest of Honour Her Excellency Vijay Thakur Singh, the Indian High Commissioner to Singapore, gave an eloquent speech which conveyed her passion for wildlife conservation. Her words of encouragement for the exhibition were heart felt: "Today we are seeing Ganpati to Gajah. It actually is a very important symbolism of the importance of elephants in our culture. Ganpati, Lord Ganesha is actually the one who removes all the obstacles, and then there is Gajah, the wonderful, magnificent, compassionate elephant who should be roaming out in the jungles. So we do in one sense capture that and that is very very important to speak, and say that here is what all you can do with the elephant. Look at all this!!"

Her Excellency’s response to the March of Freedom: Padhchinh series, particularly the Lime Green Padhchinh painting “This is like Ganpati looking out, right through the canvas”


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